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Join us in building the next generation of the world category leaders,  creating solutions to combat climate change and build livable cities. Be a part of this ground-breaking initiative to shape our planet's future.

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The Mission

We are on a mission to support founders who are building businesses to solve cities toughest challenges. The goal is to examine the best entrepreneurs and technologies which will drive the embryonic but crucial field of climate-tech, in the heart of New York, such as:

  • Cyber, Fintech

  • Foodtech, Agritech, Waste & Water

  • Smart Cities & Real Estate

  • Transportation & Mobility

  • Energy & Grid


Within those sectors, we will combine the different technologies and bring them to the forefront of the climate arena, positioning NYC as the global capital of climate innovation.

The Opportunity for Startups

The partnership between MINI and JVP will leverage the startups global networks, create strong strategic partnerships, and company building expertise to support and scale new ideas and innovators in cities across the globe. 

The companies accepted to the program will receive hands-on guidance with customer discovery and engagement, product development, talent acquisition, brand and network-building. 

Through this substantial new partnership startups will be able to position themselves as the next big thing in the Climate-Tech industry and accelerate the development and deployment of transformative climate and urban technology solutions.

Earth and Space
The Program

The new partnership invests in, builds, and scales emerging and fast-growth companies from Seed to Series B that are shaping the future of cities through novel climate and urban-focused technology solutions. This partnership leverages global networks, strong strategic partnerships, and company-building expertise to support and scale new ideas and innovators.

The scalarator program, for startups from Israel, US, Europe and Asia, led by JVP, MINI, and Urban-X, focuses on creating a tailor-fit work plan addressing:

  • Strategy – define startup scale strategy, with focus on the US market and the business opportunities in NYC.

  • Business Development – Connecting startups to potential customers and channels including the large incorporates, small- medium businesses and more . 

  • Marketing – Working on strategy plan including branding and positioning, messaging that fits the US market. 

  • Executive Hiring – the most crucial part of scaling the company, defining the executive roles, assisting with the search process.

  • Funding – Exposing the companies to the investor community in NYC. 

​Over the program, startups will be granted access to tech industry leaders, marketeers, head-hunters, consultants and investors that will help them revamp their company for its next growth stage.

The International ClimateTech Center, NYC

The International ClimateTech Center is a new arena for cutting-edge technologies and companies from Israel, across the U.S, Europe, and around the world to join forces and save our planet for generations to come.


The goal is to examine the best entrepreneurs and technologies which will drive the embryonic but crucial field of climate-tech, in the heart of New York.


The center brings together cyber and climate, examine how fintech companies can help manage CO2 trading in a similar way they do with money, how food and ag-tech can contribute to the battle to protect the environment, and how cities can be managed within this new paradigm.

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Located in SoHo, NYC, the new International ClimateTech Center is the second phase of the International Cyber Center that was launched, by JVP and Erel Margalit in February of 2020, in partnership with the City of New York, Columbia University, Cornell, CUNY, NYU, and the EDC. The Center already has 35 scale-up companies and has become one of the most vibrant Cyber security Centers on the East Coast.

As well as being connected to the International CyberTech Center also at the Soho location, the International Climate Tech Center will join benefit from the innovative work being done at other Margalit StartupCity locations in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Galilee, Haifa and Be’er Sheva.

The Center follows JVP’s investment strategy of creating vibrant innovation ecosystems in different regions in cooperation with global companies, local businesses and pioneering entrepreneurs. Creating centers of excellence worldwide fosters dialog and diversity, where challenges emerge as opportunities.

 "Climate Tech is the new major technological revolution that is impacting every dimension of our life. It is more than just about alternative energy or innovative mobility. Only by bringing together technologies from FinTech, Digital Health, FoodTech, AgTech and Cyber Security, can we create the much-needed solutions, enabling us to change the way we eat, consume, work and live, and help save our planet.”

Erel Margalit, Founder and Chairman, JVP

“MINI was built on the foundation of innovative and sustainable urban design. With this heritage, we recognize the indispensable role that entrepreneurs, technologists and designers play in the vitality and longevity of our cities,”

Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI

The new partnership between MINI and JVP invests in, builds, and scales emerging and fast-growth companies from Seed to Series B that are shaping the future of cities through novel climate- and urban-focused technology solutions. The joint venture between MINI and JVP will fuel the next generation of URBAN-X.

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Come Join Us

By bringing a new approach to climatetech, whereby mainstream technologies will join forces with the worlds of cyber, fintech, foodtech and agritech, to tackle the climate crisis in the most innovative manner possible, the NYC ClimateTech scalarator will rapidly scaling international climatech innovators from around the world.


The new Center will help support and scale sustainable, technological solutions to climate change in urban landscapes, making New York City the green investment capital of the world.


The scalarator is an open platform that brings together potential customers, investors, industry mentors, space, training, and so many other resources.

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